Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A BLACK widow who served time for killing her first husband and who's second died in
"mysterious circumstances" is back behind bars after trying to poison hubby number three. 
"People who have contact with this lady should be careful," the judge said about Melissa Ann Shepard, 78, after she admitted to administering a noxious substance to her new husband Fred Weeks, 75. 
The pair had been married for just a few days, when the geriatric groom fell ill at a Bed and Breakfast in Cape Breton, N.S, last September. 
The Crown alleged that she slipped him the tranquilizer, Benzodoazepine in a bid to bump him off. 
Her lawyers argued that she was just "trying to help him sleep," but although Shepard skirted an attempted murder trial, she did end up pleading guilty to the lesser charge of failing to provide the necessities of life.   
The elderly Nova Scotia native does have form however. 
In 1991 she ran over her first husband, Gordon Stewart twice and served two years of a six-year sentence for manslaughter. 
Then in 2000, shortly after she married Robert Friedrich of Florida, his family claimed that his money started to disappear, he experienced mysterious fainting spells and his health began to suffer. 
Nobody was charged after his 2002 death from a cardiac arrest, but his family pointed the finger firmly at Sheppard. 
After hooking up with another Floridian, Alex Strategos, 81,  three years later she was charged with a slew of crimes  including theft and forgery.
Cops believe she has at least 13 aliases and she has been dubbed her the "Internet Black Widow" because she meets all her victims online.       

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