Tuesday, June 11, 2013


MICHAEL Jackson's concert promoter knew his doctors were "shooting him up with something" lawyers for his family claimed yesterday and they have the e-mail to prove it.
Handing the bombshell memo to AEG Live supremo, Randy Phillips, who was handling the King of Pop's final shows, they made him read his own words about the concerns he had for the star.
Written just two days before the star's death, he mentioned concerns about the powerful medication being administered by Jacko's long time pal, Dr Arnie Klein.
"He scares us to death," he wrote, less than 48 hours before Jacko died from a lethal anesthesia overdose, administered by another doctor, Conrad Murray.

"Because he is shooting him up with something."
Phillips and AEG have always denied any knowledge that the star was struggling with drug abuse in the lead up to his comeback "This is It" tour.
This, despite the star looking a shadow of his former self, when he died, as we reported here.
He claimed yesterday he "had no idea" what he meant about Klein, "shooting him up with something," the NY Post reported.
Instead they place the blame firmly on Murray who convicted last year, of involuntary manslaughter and jailed for four years.

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