Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mom fears Hannah Graham victim of serial killer

Gill Harrington has been down the terrible road the family of missing University of Virginia Hannah Graham is now traveling -- and fears a serial killer is hunting in the area. Her daughter Morgan was kidnapped and murdered in 2009 after a Metallica concert -- and now she's seeing chilling similarities between the two cases. Her body wasn't found until months later. She is just one of five women who have vanished from the Charlottesville area.

"Hannah was seen for some of the time fairly close to where Morgan’s shirt was found maybe three weeks after her abduction," she told ABC NEWS. "College town, same town, same kind of look of a girl, same time of year," she said. "Is this a pattern? We know there's one predator who killed Morgan. Obviously they are not all connected, but it doesn’t seem normal. There's either some connection of a serial predator or a crime spree gone crazy."
Harrington added that the 2005 abduction and rape of a woman in Fairfax, Va., has been linked by DNA evidence to her daughter's tragic slaying.

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