Monday, September 15, 2014


 Kathy J. Rowe was named 'Mother of the Year' by the San Diego Union Tribune in 2006. But now, the matronly monster is accused of soliciting a rival's rape on Craigslist. According to KHON2, Rowe, 52, was pipped at the post when trying to buy a home in 2011. Her lawyers claim the California home was "dream home, a perfect one-story house for her disabled daughter and ailing husband."
But another couple outbid her. This did not sit well with batty Kathy who began a campaign of harassment against the pair, sending tons of junk mail and magazines to their home. The DA also said that Rowe posted a Craigslist ad encouraging men to rape the female owner.  “…enticing men to come to her home, force themselves through the door and onto the victim, and have sex with her while she screamed no.” All a "prank", her lawyer says.

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