Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PA. cop killer Eric Frein 'will be tough to weed out'

Where is Eric Frein? With hundreds of officers scouring the wilderness of Pennsylvania, so far only the alleged cop killer's gun has been found. Heavily armed police are now concentrating their search in Monroe County as the game of cat and mouse enters its 10th day and searchers are confident, they'll get their man.
Using helicopters with heat-seeking technology, it's believed Frein -- who is obsessed with the Eastern Bloc's military, Cold War era -- is now cornered. The survivalist entered a remote police barracks and opened fire, killing one state trooper and injuring another.
One local described the tough job cops have in finding their man: "Around here there are a lot of caves, a lot of holes, bear dens. If this fellow knows the area, it will to be tough to weed him out."

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