Friday, October 3, 2014

Baby drowned in moonshine; mom jailed 3 months

HIGH LEVEL, ALBERTA  – A Canadian woman has been sentenced to just 3 months in jail... why you ask? Viola Ribbonleg, 33, wasn't paying attention to her 10-month-old baby Lexi when the child fell into a batch of homemade booze in the family trailer and drowned.  Oh, it was beside the child's bed. Viola herself was hammered on the hootch at the time. She pleaded guilty earlier this year to criminal negligence causing death. The soft-hearted [soft-headed?] judge said her background, blah, blah, blah... Of course, her own son testified against her that she was loaded with two other men. Mom and the two were passed out on the floor when he awoke.
Her lawyer, Michael Nanooch said: “The child got out of the bed and fell accidentally into the bucket of brew. She was neglectful as a parent.

"She didn’t forcibly put the child in a situation where the accident occurred.”
Ribbonleg has six other children -- five of whom were living with her at the time.

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