Friday, October 3, 2014

Kidnapped Sabrina Allen 'brainwashed' by evil mom

UPDATE: NEW YORK -- The father of the pretty blond child kidnapped by her mother and hidden in Mexico 12 years ago says his baby was brainwashed. Sabrina Allen, now 17, was rescued this week after being kidnapped in 2002 when she was 4. Today, her devoted dad Greg Allen says, she's "a completely different person" thanks to maniacally manipulative mother Dara Llorens. Llorens is described as having a personality disorder by cops.
Allen was portrayed as an evil wife beater who abandoned the child.

"Sabrina has been under an intense campaign to hate me for 12 years," Greg Allen told ABC News. "She was effectively a prisoner in a two-bedroom apartment. She has been told that I didn't want her and that I committed suicide." 
The girl grew up in Mexico under a series of bogus names --  including "Blanquita" and "Fair." 
Dara Llorens is charged with aggravated kidnapping after kidnapping her daughter Sabrina in 2002.

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