Monday, October 6, 2014

BTK serial killer Denis Rader to write a new book

A notorious serial killer who murdered 10 people is cooperating with a new book about his heinous crimes to help the victims families financially.
Denis Rader, who dubbed himself the BTK killer, which stood for "bind, torture, kill" terrorized Wichita, after beginning his killing spree in with the murder of the Otero family in 1974.
He went on to slaughter six more women, killing two in 1977 and three more in 1985, 1986 and 1991.  
Now he claims he want to help their relatives.

"I can never replace their (loved) ones, my deed too 'dark' to understand, the book or movies, etc. is the only way to help them," he wrote, in the letter published by the Wichita Eagle.
Rader, who over the decades sought attention for his crimes by sending letter to local media, including 11 notes that led to his 2005 arrest, added that he had signed over the rights to his story to the victims relatives.  
He will work on the book with Katherine Ramsland, a forensic psychology professor at DeSales University in Pennsylvania.
She that she hopes it will help investigators and criminologists understand killers like Rader.

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