Monday, October 6, 2014

Cops hunting killer of homeless boy Ray Etheridge, 12

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- He didn't make the national news but the murder 12-year-old homeless boy Ray Allen Etheridge in a Louisville park is no less poignant. The little boy was murdered last Tuesday in Cherokee Park. Ray Ray's -- as he was called -- family in agony.
 The family describes the pain as unimaginable.
“I remember picking him up and holding him up when he was a baby and him laughing and smiling,” said Melissa Hardin.
Now, cops are trying to piece together what happened. He was supposed to be at the library with his mom then wandered off. Much of the case does not make sense.

"I don't understand why something like that would happen to him. He would do anything for anybody and easy to love," his father Ronald Etheridge. "I just want him -- the killer -- to please come forth, 'cause he didn't deserve it."
Cops are being tight-lipped about the cause of death and whether they have an suspects.


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