Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ray Etheridge murder suspect was boiling with rage

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- The man accused of 12-year-old homeless boy Ray Allen Etheridge in a Louisville park was a boiling cauldron of hate and resentment. And Joseph Cambron, 21, should know: He's the one saying it. "I mean there's just so many cases of me just blowing up," Joseph Cambron told police in an unrelated sexual-abuse case.
He is now charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence in the murder of seventh-grader  Ray. Cops say Cambron and Ray and the young boy got into a scrap last Tuesday afternoon in the park. Cambron is  6-foot-3, 185-lbs while little Ray was just 5-foot-4 and 118-lbs. The boy died of multiple stab woulds. MORE IN THE COURIER-JOURNAL

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