Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teacher Michelle White's lesbian liaisons with teen

Not exactly as shown
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Teacher of the week  Michelle Smith White, 37, was so enamored of her teen lesbian lover she had the girl's name tattooed on her body. The 16-year-old student and Ms. "Call me Michelle" White began a torrid sexual affair while the elder woman worked as a dance teacher at Charles E. Jordan High School. The girl was 15 at the time.
Ms. White was asked to cease communication with the girl by her parents who had become suspicious. But then they discovered a treasure trove of steamy text messages alluding to threesomes, group sex and the teacher's hubby. In addition, cops seized a binder full of notes from Ms. White's hubby to the torrid teen.  White has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a student and engaging in a sex offense with a student. MORE IN THE DAILY MAIL

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