Monday, October 13, 2014

Teacher Nicole Dufault's oral sex video blackmail

MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- Ms. Dufault [call me Nicole] knows how to P.A.R.T.Y. A New Jersey high school teacher may have been blackmailed with a raunchy video showing her giving oral sex to a 15-year-old student while another filmed the action, according to her lawyer.
“We haven’t received the specifics, but we received some feedback to the effect of blackmail, coercion,” lawyer Timothy R. Smith said. “It seems at this point in time that the information we are receiving is legitimate. It’s something we’re obviously taking very seriously.”

The Essex County DA says no go, and hey, what difference does it make?
Dufault, 35, has been accused of at least 12 testosterone-charged trysts with five boys in her car, and on school property. MORE FROM THE STAR-LEDGER

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