Tuesday, January 18, 2011


UPDATE: ROUGH Sex was originally the plan for Philadelphia's notorious “Kensington Strangler” but then the “murders just happened.”
Antonio Rodriguez, showed little remorse when confessing to the killings of three women in three months.
The 22-year-old’s admitted to the crime after Cops described him as a “strong person of interest here: more here
Rodriguez picked up Elaine Goldberg, 21, Nicole Piacentini, 35, and Casey Mahoney, 27 at random, paid them for: ‘ rough sex’ and then killed them during the act.
He offered very little motive for the deaths other than the violent attacks "just happened."

Cops linked him to the murders after his name, along with a DNA sample he submitted to state police after he was jailed on drug charges, appeared in the state's offender database.
All three of the slain women were murdered in November and December in a stretch of Kensington.
Other’s have also claimed that they barely survived sexual assaults and strangulation attempts.
Rodriguez is believed to have sexually assaulted three other women who survived.

WHEN Philly cops announced they had a DNA on the sex monster known as the Kensington Strangler they couldn't have known it would take just minutes for someone to finger him.
Cops say a Philly man, 22, had been been linked to a trio of sex slayings in the that city's rough and tumble Kensington neighborhood. For more than two months residents have been terrorized by the mysterious killer.
But the fink said Antonio Rodriguez was hiding out in a house on Mutter Street. Detectives were let inside without a fuss when they arrived. In the kitchen sat the man they had been hunting.
More on the arrest and slayings

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