Monday, February 21, 2011


ANGUISHED Mary Ogdoc watched in horror as her mother calmly took her little girl and threw her off a six story bridge. 
Turning round, she testified she had been walking just a few steps in front of her daughter Angleyn and her mother Carmela Dela Rosa when she turned around to see: "my mother's hands come out under my daughter, over the railing."
Desperately, she ran down six flight of steps  at one of Virginia's busiest shopping malls, to her little girl, who stayed alive for several hours after the fall.
But when she looked up Dela Rosa, who's family had been keeping an eye on because of multiple suicide attempts, watched with no expression, resting her head on the railing.
When cops arrived, she readily admitted what she had done telling one officer: "Yes I did it. I threw the baby off."
Patrol officer Anthony Stancampiano testified that he immediately placed Dela Rosa under arrest after she admitted throwing the toddler off the bridge adding she did not give him a reason why.
It's thought Dela Rosa's lawyers plan to plead not guilty by reasons of insanity.

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