Thursday, February 3, 2011


Weed-y Bad Dad
HE MUST have smoked too much.
Because potty parent Sean Corwin, is now behind bars after complaining to cops that his son hadn't been paid for $400 worth of Mary Jane. 
Called out to a disturbance Saturday night, the Surprise, AZ officers, found the 35-year-old beating on somebody's door.
Asked why, he told them about the weed deal gone bad.
Officers allege that he used his 16-year-old son to sell the marijuana in the park to a 14-year-old.
But rather than pay up, the younger boy ran home, so Corwin went
after him.
Now he's been booked on charges of marijuana for sale, sale of marijuana to a minor and possession of a firearm during a drug offense.
If convicted he faces a lengthy sentence.
Things weren't much better for the other two either as both his son and the buyer now also face charges.

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