Thursday, March 24, 2011


HIS sob story won the hearts of millions of American Idol viewers, but Stefane Langone didn't tell fans he was a convicted drunk driver - a year after one almost killed him in a crash.
Langone, currently in the top 11 contestants on the show, told how he nearly lost his life when his car was struck by a drunk driver.
He walked away with two broken arms that now have metal plates and screws in them as well as a broken pelvis.
But while he was happy to milk the sympathy vote, what he didn't reveal, was almost a year later, he irresponsibly got behind the wheel of a car, while over the limit.
Caught in May 2010 by Seattle cops, his arresting officer Christopher
Storton said in his report he could "smell a strong obvious odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle."   

At the time of arrest Langone took two Breathalyzer tests; he blew a .098 in the first one and a .088 in the second, both above the legal limit, reports
While Langone did not serve any time on the condition that he keep a clean record for the next two years and attend a drug information course.

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