Thursday, March 24, 2011


CRAZY Charlie Sheen's attempt to air his dirty linen in public has been denied by a California judge.
The troubled star, sacked from Two And A Half Men after series of bizarre drug fueled binges with porn stars and hookers, asked for his $100 million lawsuit to be held in a public court. 
His legal team based their argument on concerns about the impartiality of judges presiding over his case against show bosses Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros.
He claimed that they do, "lots of business with Warner Bros," as some of them had worked with the production company on other
Until Sheen filed the papers asking for a public trial the case appeared to be heading to arbitration on the recommendation of officials at private-resolution company Jams.

It's believed that they will still preside after his request was denied although Sheen's lawyer Marty Singer insists he will be back in court to ask another official for an injunction to stop the case being heard behind closed doors.
Sheen took to Twitter after the lawsuit's filing, writing, "Fastball: Torpedo away... You corporate Trolls were warned. And now you've been served!"

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