Saturday, March 12, 2011


MAD Marni Yang's former friend who secretly taped her admitting the crime, changed her story to Cops after they warned her she could be tied to the murder she testified yesterday.
Self described psychic Christi Paschen secretly recorded her friend of 18-years admitting to the murder of ex Chicago Bear, Shaun Gayle's pregnant girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter.
But when cops first questioned her in January 2008, Paschen denied all knowledge of the killing, she admitted during testimony.   
It was only when returned a year later and warned
her that she could be tied to the murder, she changed her story and agreed to cooperate, wearing the wire and giving the cops the tapes of a woman believed to be Yang's revealing details of the murder.
"I just started emptying my clip," says the childlike voice.
"I took one last shot in the head and finished her off."
For prosecutors, its a key piece of evidence as the murder weapon, a 9mm pistol has never been recovered and there is no physical evidence linking her to the crime scene. 
Paschen told the jury that she met Yang at a psychic fair 18 years ago.
At first, Yang paid Paschen for Tarot card readings, but by 2004, the relationship turned into a friendship and she provided her services for free, she testified.
Questioned by Yang's attorney William Hedrick however she admitted that in 1976 she worked for Army intelligence in 1976 for a program called "Gondola Wish."
On a final mission to the Middle East, she testified all the men in her mission were killed.

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