Saturday, November 19, 2011


THE TWISTED killer who murdered one man and shot another after they replied to Craigslist ad for a job is just 16-years old cops say.
Brogan Rafferty allegedly helped his pal Richard Beasley, 52, lure the men with the promise of work to a remote Ohio cattle farm.
But as we reported here, the unfortunate duo walked into an ambush.
One of their bodies was found in shallow grave by a cadaver dog, but a second man managed to escape even though he was shot.
He told cops that they were walking into a wooded area when he heard the terrifying sound of a gun being cocked, so he started to run.  
Amazingly he managed to escape and he hid in the wood for seven hours before seeking help.
Chillingly, cops found a second shallow grave had been dug in preparation for his body.
Court records show that Rafferty, 16, was helping Richard J. Beasley, 52, in the attempted murder.
Beasley is already in custody at the Summit County Jail, being held on prostitution charges.
The Noble County Sheriff Department told WOIO that body was transferred to the Licking County Coroner's Office where an autopsy was performed on Thursday.
No word on the victims' identities at this time.


  1. why is it that this article says BROGAN was the murderer?? obviously he was not the cops are saying he was an accomplice while I do not believe this either, if you are going to write an article you should at least have your facts straight. You should not be calling a 16 year old twisted and saying HE did i when it is untrue. I understand you may want something to catch the audiences attention but that takes it a bit to far. I cannot wait for this all to be over
    - a friend of Brogans

  2. On the advice of the police, prosecutor's have filed juvenile charges of aggravated murder, complicity to aggravated murder, attempted murder and complicity to attempted murder in the death of one man and the shooting of another.
    We feel it is therefore fair to say that the cops are calling him the killer.
    If in the future those charges are altered, or those charges are dropped, we will report that too.

  3. Bull the justice system is a lie, Try him as an adult No questions asked, Black who have lesser charges non murder crimes are charged as Adults daily Sorry about his luck, Charge him as an adult. He was well aware of what he was doing the first time, under a spell I think not Let him Rot in jail and see if his spell gets broken!

  4. Friend or Foe you can NOT say he is innocent unless you were with him for every waking hour of the day to verify he had done nothing wrong. On the other hand he can be presumed as a very plausible suspect when someone in fact SAW him doing the crime in question, and in this case someone did, they were a victim....They identified Brogan and his friend....You may have known someone your whole life making you truly want to believe they could never do such a thing but the fact is you dont know what he was capable....obviously that is proven by his recent actions... He should be trued as and adult....16 yrs is old enough to decide whether you want to go to school or not or live with your parents or not he is perfectly capable and understanding of the fact the killing or hellping to kill someone is wrong.