Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A VICIOUS girl gang brutally assaulted a fellow student and the posted their attack on Facebook for their classmates to watch.
The 15-year-old was walking back from her Somerset Township, PA, school when the thugs struck, hurling insults and then quickly becoming violent.
Pushing her into the road, where she was almost struck by a car, they beat
her down and three her into a ditch by a tree.
As the name calling continued, one of her cackling attackers, filmed it on their phone and posted it it to the social networking site.
It can be seen here.
Ironically, the fight came to an end, after three blocks of this torment, in front of a hospital where two nurses saw what was happening and came to the girl’s rescue.
She was treated for concussion, bruises on the neck, knee and wrist, as well as the embarrassment of having her torture online for the world to see.
With the evidence  easily accessible, Cops are now charging her attackers with various orders of assault and harassment.

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