Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A MURDEROUS mother who allegedly hacked her little girl into pieces is finally set to face justice, as her trial opened yesterday.
Evil Elisa Baker, 42, dismembered her 10-year-old stepdaughter, Zahra, slicing her up into little pieces last October, Cops say.
She was reported missing by her father Adam, sparking a huge
manhunt for the little girl, who lost her left leg and hearing in both ears while being treated for cancer, aged five.
A month later her body was found on a road near home in Hickory, North Carolina.
The indictment against Baker said she: "desecrated the victim's body to hinder detection, investigation and prosecution of the offense,"
A shackled Baker almost collapsed in the dock, during her first court appearance and had to be held up by her attorney, Scott Reilly as the charges were read reports CNN.
Reilly is seeking a change of venue for the potentially explosive trial claiming she can't get a fair trial in Catawba County because of intense publicity surrounding the case.
The judge will consider the request, but he denied a prosecution request to set the trial date in May.  
If killing her own daughter wasn’t horrific enough, Baker who is charged with second degree-murder has also been charged with  bigamy, identity fraud, and obtaining property by false pretense.
Her next hearing date is currently set for June 27th.

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