Tuesday, May 3, 2011


CARLINA WHITE, snatched from a New York Hospital as a baby, says she is going to back her bogus mom, Ann Pettway, in court. According to the New York Post, White, 23, will appeal for leniency for the woman accused of kidnapping her as a newborn in 1987 and reportedly abused her.
White was finally reunited with her real mom and dad in January but has agreed to testify.
Defence lawyer Robert Baum said: "I believe after meeting with her and speaking for a long time that she will be supportive in every way."
White--raised Njedra Nance--was taken from the hospital when she was just 19-days-old and raised in Bridgeport, Conn. Pettway claims a junkie gave her the baby. Baum said he was trying to identify a woman who was seen hanging around the hospital in a nurse's outfit at the time the little girl vanished. He added that cops suspected White's kidnapper had medical training because of the way her IV tube was disconnected. Pettway had no such experience.

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