Monday, May 16, 2011


TAKE a deep breath, compose yourself and then calmly talk through your problems to resolve your dispute - or if your Christopher Carroll, drive 51 miles with your wife clinging onto your car.
After they fell out his wife Rebecca, 25, stood in front of the van as he tried to drive away. Police spokesman Rex Osborn said: "She kind of goes with the van to try to stop him, gets up on the hood and is hanging on to the wiper blade. She obviously didn't think he would keep driving." 
But rather than slow down, he just carried on driving for a full 51-miles, weaving through traffic on a busy highway and turning up the music to drown out her screams. Two witnesses called 911 from the road to report what was happening. One of them followed Carroll and told police his
speed reached 100 mph. 
Carroll eventually slowed down enough that his wife "was able to roll off," Osborn told The Stockton Record.The witness following the vehicle transported her to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia.
Carroll, 26,  pleaded guilty to attempted murder and spousal abuse charges as part of a deal with prosecutors, who downgraded the murder charge to say Carroll's actions were not premeditated.
We don't know, but we'd imagine divorce papers will follow soon.

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