Friday, May 13, 2011


MORE TROUBLING questions are being raised over the heartbreaking sex slaying of Skylar Kauffman, 9, of suburban Philadelphia. Like, why didn't the cops do anything after the first incident three weeks before? The little girl, who was found murdered in a dumpster near her home Monday night after a desperate seven hour search, had an earlier run in with the suspect, James Lee Troutman. His girlfiend, Heather Clemens, is equally in the dark. She says she didn't have a clue.

She told the Philadelphia Daily News: "It was something I never expected - not him, or the person I thought he was. Had I known he was vicious at heart, I would have done everything to make sure he was not out in society."
Troutman, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder in the little girl's death and could face the death penalty. Clemens, 21, said she was expecting to marry the suspected killer, who she described as kind and caring but a bit socially awkward. She said: "I never met anyone so sweet."
Unemployed, Troutman spent his days playing video games on his phone, eating, sleeping, and occasionally doing favors or errands for others.
She added: "He didn't just break my heart; he pretty much killed it. He broke and killed the heart of this poor family and this community." MORE ON JAMES LEE TROUTMAN

 MEANWHILE, for more on what may be a bungled probe, check out the Philadelphia Inquirer

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