Thursday, June 16, 2011


ATLANTA Falcon Christopher Owens smashed up his ex-girlfriend's apartment and doused her most valuable possessions in bleach, cops say.
The crazed cornerback  barged into the mother of his nine-month-old son, La Tia Terry's apartment and started smashing it to pieces, after the pair rowed about custody of the child.
According to the police report he punched holes in the wall, destroyed expensive electronics and broke the baby's crib.
Then, the furious footballer piled her closet full of her shoes, designer clothes, purses and jewellery and poured bleach over them according to TMZ.
The gossip website reports that Owens' ex-girlfriend, La Tia Terry, mother of his 9-month-old son, called police Sunday night claiming that Owens entered her apartment while she was gone and destroyed her possessions.
Terry filed for a restraining order against Owens the day she reported the incident but he has not been charged with the crime.

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