Wednesday, June 22, 2011


CASEY Anthony may have made up her defense that her tragic daughter Caylee drowned in a swimming pool after hearing a fellow inmate talking about her own child's tragic death, the court heard. 
April Whelan may yet play an 11th role in the murder case, after it emerged that she was in the prison cell adjacent to the one time party mom and her case bears striking similarities to Anthony's claims. 
Whelan's 15-month-old son Isiah tragically drowned in their home swimming pool on Christmas Day 2007, where he had been left unattended by adults according to Orange County cops. 
His tiny body was found by his grandfather.   The scenario is almost exactly the same as her defense team's opening statements, that Casey Anthony's father George found two-year-old Caylee's body in the family pool and got Casey to participate in a cover-up of the accidental death.
Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore told The Orlando Sentinel that Whelan, 30, spent five days in a cell in the same dormitory as Anthony in June 2009.
He said there was no evidence of contact between the women but noted that cells are by no means soundproof and that "it's possible that things can be been heard."
Whelan's phone records have now been requested by the Orange County Sheriff's Office to form part of the investigation.

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