Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sex romps with dirty dentist caused hair growth

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The former secretary for an allegedly twisted Texas dentist says the tooth of the matter is that if she didn't have sex with him he would ruin her. Not only that, Jamie O'Brien's lawsuit said that the dirty dentist, Dr. Jody D. Cremer [really] allegedly recorded the secret trysts while he did the fillings. These sex sessions caused her to grow what she called "unsightly body hair" when the testosterone gel he used to juice his "little erect penis" rubbed off on her.

His lawyer is -- not surprisingly -- calling B.S. and says the receptionist is a disgruntled former employee looking for easy money and trying to besmirch the good doctor's name.
The lawsuit states that the dirty dentist complained bitterly his wife was too old and fat for sex and that if O'Brien played wallflower, he would ruin her.
His lawyer called the romps consensual and they were in a 50/50 deal with the receptionist sending scores of raunchy text messages. MORE IN THE NY DAILY NEWS

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