Thursday, June 9, 2011


HELL hath no fury...even from beyond the grave it would appear.
As she lay on her deathbed Elizabeth Edwards secretly videotaped testimony against her cheating husband John who is accused of  using campaign funds to hide his secret mistress, prosecutor claim.
The one time presidential candidate and congressman is accused of using $925,000 to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter, who eventually gave birth to their lovechild.    
Friends said the cancer victim, who died in December, wanted to ‘haunt’ her estranged husband and his mistress Rielle Hunter, with whom he fathered a child and made a sex tape.
So sources say she secretly videotaped deathbed confession which she passed to a friend, who she told to send it to prosecutors. 
A source told The National Enquirer: "Elizabeth wanted to exact final revenge against John for destroying their 33-year marriage and their family by cheating with Rielle."
"On the secret video, Elizabeth spells out everything she knew about John’s affair with Rielle and how he managed to cover it up for so long."
It is not the first time Edwards has punished her cheating husband from beyond the grave, after she cut him out of her will which was signed six days before she lost her battle to breast cancer.
Her husbsand faces six counts, including conspiracy, four counts of illegal campaign contributions and one count of false statements.
In a public address he said he had "done wrong" but has not broken the law.

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