Thursday, June 9, 2011


IN THE LATEST twist to a bizarre, disturbing case, Tanya and John Skelton have finalized their divorce in a Michigan court. Judge Margaret M.S. Noe awarded full custody to Tanya Skelton of the couple’s three boys, Alexander, 7, Andrew, 9, and Tanner, 5, who have been missing more than six months. Ringing bells? Ah, now you remember good 'ole John Skelton.

Currently incarcerated and awaiting trial on charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment, said he no longer agreed to a judgment of divorce as it would hand custody of the three kids to his wife. Tanya Skelton filed for divorce when John Skelton took two of the boys to Florida without consulting his wife last September. In November, all three boys went missing and were last seen with their father. Skelton bizarrely claims that he gave the kids to an ‘organization’ – an organization that cops have so far been unable to locate.
He said to the judge: "If she is granted custody, they won't be available to either of us. It's not in my control.” Cops, however, smell bull.
Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks said the case is being treated as a murder investigation.

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