Monday, July 18, 2011


CASEY Anthony's lawyers have been inundated with interview requests from hundreds of media agencies around the World scramble for the first exclusive interview.
According to experts she could make hundreds of thousands, if not millions from lucrative, TV, book and magazine deals, as people scramble to hear her story, after she was cleared of murdering her toddler Caylee.
Media expert John McDade said: "It's going to be bigger than Jaycee Duggard's recent interview with Diane Sawyer. Those viewing figures were huge, but Casey's will undoubtedly be even bigger.

"The network's know that love her or loathe her, everyone will want to know what she has to say for herself, especially as she chose not to testify."  
He added: "It means the checkbooks are out and Casey could make a fortune, possibly over a million if she decides to speak up."
Anthony has laid low after her release from jail but her lawyer Jose Baez insisted that his client had the right to cash in on her infamy, if she chose too.
Jose Baez said: "Right now we are just moving forward and trying to start putting the pieces back together for Casey's life." 
He added: "She has certain rights as an individual in his country, and we will labour hard to make sure she has the ability to exercise those rights. If she decides she wants to speak publicly about it, she'll make that decision."



  1. There really is no reason to watch Casey Anthony and expect to hear anything but more lies. She will never tell the truth about what happened to Caylee. I, for one, WILL NEVER watch anything that she is a part of, and I think many others will not watch her either.
    Jaycee Dugard had a lot of viewers who wanted to listen to what she had to say because many people feel for her and know she went through a horrible experience. You cannot compare Jaycee to a cold, spiteful woman who never showed any type of emotion about Caylee at all.
    I guess we will have to wait and see but I do have faith in the public doing exactly what they feel is right.
    Non-viewer in CA

  2. Casey has lied all along. We can't imagine what she could possibly say.