Tuesday, July 5, 2011


UPDATE: The woman's body found in an Indiana creek Sunday probably isn't missing blonde co-ed Lauren Spierer, the Marion County Coroner said today. The badly decomposed body was taller than the 5-foot-nothing Spierer, who has been missing for a month.
Indianapolis police have been in contact with cops from Bloomington and Noblesville, Ind., who are investigating the June 13 disappearance of 74-year-old Dorothy Heard.
EARLIER: THE TRAGIC case of missing student Lauren Spierer may be solved within days if the decomposing remains of a female body turn out to be her. Cops refused to speculate on how long they had been there but an autopsy soon,
to determine whether it is the 20-year-old student who last seen by friends leaving a Bloomington, IN sports bar on June 2. Despite thousands of tips, a huge search by volunteers on "Find Lauren Day" and the surveillance video,  which they later ruled out of a white pickup truck, they had no leads until now.      
A police insider said: "There are mixed feelings surrounding this,
because obviously we still want  to find Lauren alive and if this is not her then it will open up a whole new set of questions.
"If it is her, then it will obviously be very upsetting for a lot of people who have worked long and hard to bring her home safely."
Charlene Spierer described her daughter as a sweet, bubbly girl.
"Perhaps it was a terrible accident that happened and we can deal with that," Charlene Spierer said in late June. "What we can't deal with is what we don't know. So information is the most valuable thing we need right now."

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