Tuesday, July 5, 2011


WHO hasn't given flipped someone off while driving?
It's not pleasant and definitely not polite but at some point behind the wheel we've all given someone the finger. 
So you can imagine Steve Pogue's surprise when he was pulled over and given a ticket for doing exactly that. 
Pogue was driving through St Louis, MO, when another driver clogged the intersection in front of him, leaving him no room to go, when his light went green. 
Needless to say, he wasn't too happy.   
He told KSDK: “The arm was there and I'm not proud but I showed my displeasure of them blocking the intersection.”
Basically, he gave him the finger. 
Within seconds he hit another road block, but this time it was a cop, who pulled him over for the gesture. 
“He said: 'Yeah, I was thinking about going after them until I saw you flip them off,'" explained Pogue. "So its like lets see the person who breaks the two laws walks and the person kind of doing their first amendment freedom of speech right thing gets the ticket."
He has vowed to fight the fine and it turns out he may well have a case, as it's thought it might violate his First Amendment, Constitutional Rights.  
Jefferson City Police Captain Doug Shoemaker said: “Its clearly poor manners and bad judgment”.
But added that: “If you're going to disturb someones peace or assault them there has to be a credible threat that you're going to carry out and there has to be a means through which you carry it out.”

We'll await the verdict with interest.

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