Thursday, July 14, 2011


THE mother of triplets who has been missing for more than six weeks say she was a victim of domestic abuse and their daughter's estranged husband.
Jacque Sue Waller's family are in no doubt that her husband Clay - who was the last person to see her alive - is behind her mysterious disappearance.
On a the family's Find Jacque S Waller Facebook page her father Stan Rawson writes to him: "I just wanted to mention that you're not fooling anybody at all.
"I under the sheriff has a [sic] orange jumpsuit picked out for you, and a fine room at the Cross Bar Hotel…You will regret hurting my girl and the Tripps—I promise you you will!"
Clay Waller, who Jacque was in the process of divorcing at the time, has refused to comment on where the mother of his three boys might be, claiming he doesn't want to speak during the investigation.
But in an interview with police immediately following his wife's disappearance, he said the couple fought and she left his Cape Girardeau, MO, home.
Then he claims, he too left the home and returned around 6 p.m. to find her blue Honda Pilot gone.
It was later found abandoned with a flat tire on a nearby interstate.
Interest in the case picked up this week when personal business cards belonging to Jacque were found on a stretch of road just 10 miles from where her car was discovered.
Jackson police have labeled Clay Waller a person of interest, but not a suspect, in his wife's disappearance.
Jacque's mother Ruby, told GMA that she hasn't spoken to her former son-in-law in more than a month but did confront him on the night her daughter disappeared.
She said: "I asked him what he'd done to her and he said 'I didn't do anything.' I said: 'Yeah, you did and you know you did, because of all the threats you've been saying to her over the last year.'"
The couple's three children, 5-year-old triplets Maddox, Avery and Addison, are being cared for by Jacque's sister and her husband as the search for their mother continues. A court on Tuesday again denied any visitation rights for their father.
In the meantime The Rawsons and the rest of Jacque's friends and family have so far organized six searches and put up a $3,500 reward for information leading to her return.
They are also asking that any tips be phoned into a special line at 573-243-3151.

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