Friday, August 5, 2011


MEET HARRY HARGROVE. Apparently headcase Harry is a legend in his sport. The problem is, his twisted sport is dogfighting and now he's been hammered five years in jail. The 78-year-old hillbilly's deeds were pretty vile.
One dog named Hurricane Hugo was, according to the Charlotte Observer: Restrained by a logging chain hooked to a car axle buried in the ground, the pit bull's only shelter from cold, heat and rain likely was a blue 50-gallon plastic barrel. At 46 lbs., he was described as severely underweight. If his days were spent as those of most fighting dogs, he spent hours each week on a treadmill to build his endurance. At other times, he would have been tethered within several feet of another dog to create aggression.
Dog trainer Amber Burckhalter said: "Their day-to-day life is spent chained to the ground. They unchain them for a dogfight and they go into the pit. And if they come out, they come out. And if they don't ..."
Burckhalter examined Hugo after an undercover investigator bought him at a dogfighting enclave in Duplin County in April 2010. The man who sold Hugo, Hargrove, is considered a legend in the dogfighting world. Family says he became a monster after Vietnam. MORE IN THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER

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