Friday, August 5, 2011


CLEVER by name, but certainly not by nature, as these idiot parents tortured their five-year-old son by putting a clothespin on his genitals for dancing inappropriately, cops say.
Dustin Davis Clever, 30, and Cinderella Sunshine Clever, 31, were punishing the boy who had made an 'innapropriate gesture' while dancing with his sister.
For some reason they then thought it would be a good idea to punish him by putting a clothespin on his testicles for forcing him to sit in the corner.
Sheriff Ronnie May told WHNT that after this happened, the father walked in and learned of the situation, laughed, and then walked away.
He added other guests at the party witnessed the whole incident and one reported it.
One law enforcement source said: "We couldn't believe that they could be so stupid, especially given their names, which raised a few eyebrows down at the station.
"It's lucky the boy wasn't permanently injured."    
The couple is in the Colbert County Jail on $15,000 bail each.

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