Thursday, August 11, 2011


 INVESTIGATORS probing the chilling disappearance of Breeann Rodriguez, 3, say they have come across three items of interest. The little Missouri girl vanished Saturday and although cops have not yet labeled it a kidnapping--it's starting to look that way.
Karnes told the Daily Dunklin Democrat: "We have some physical items of interest. [I can't elaborate] at this time exactly what they are because they are not in direct relation with the case."
He added that the items cannot be directly connected--or not--to the case at this time but cops are not
ruling out their importance. Karnes added:"Some of our searchers happened upon a piece of evidence and contacted me. We secured the area and found some more."
When asked about the evidence sent to the crime lab earlier this week, Karnes said it has come back, but hasn't provided any relevant clues. He also said he is hoping to get DNA off of the newer items.
"They got that back," Karnes said. "So far, none of it has really panned out to be anything."
Breeann is just the latest young girl to go missing in a summer that seems rife with the disappearances--and in some cases--murders of little girls and young women.
Detectives also say they are looking for a white van similar to the one pictured.
Breeann disappeared August 6. She was last seen at approximately noon riding her pink bicycle with training wheels in front of her home on Ode Johnson Street in Senath. Her bicycle also disappeared.
She was wearing a pink top, and pink and purple shorts.
The FBI and the Senath Marshal's office are offering a combined reward of up to $45,000 for the successful recovery and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for her disappearance, if she was abducted.

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