Wednesday, August 31, 2011


HE WANTED to take aerial photos of his home, instead he spotted two men taking stuff from it.  Steven Lynn was soaring above his home snapping shots, when he saw two men pull up with a trailer and help themselves to his stuff. 
He told KLTV: "I looked down, and sure enough, there was a truck hooked onto a trailer, and guys were loading stuff up."
A stunned Lynn quickly got on the phone to the cops and the to his uncle, who raced round to the home.   
Then they flew down low over his home in a bid to put them off.
He recalled: "It didn't seem to faze them that we were buzzing over in an airplane; we got down pretty low."
Craighead County Sheriff's deputy Phillip Wheaton said the two men unloaded the trailer and left the scene when the uncle arrived.
But the pilot and Lynn's uncle followed them until they were stopped near Bay, AR, by Wheaton and two other officers.
Wheaton added: "They were giving us turn by turn directions and giving us a description by county road."
The two men in the truck, Roosevelt Smith III and Joseph Peel, both of Jonesboro, now face burglary and theft charges.
Most of the stolen items were found, but Lynn said a rifle valued at $1,200 is still missing, but after talking to deputies, he realized a next-door residence he also owns had also been burglarized with several new ceiling fans, tools and copper wire missing. He said: "It's slim to none that you would ever see anything like that happening. I never would have expected it."
"I just wanted to see my house from the air, but to see something like that is a complete mood change. I feel like I was really lucky.

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