Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A TWISTED TENNESSEE music teacher was marching to his own tune. Now, Daniel Torroll is going to have to face the music after he was caught performing a sex act on a doll within view of an elementary school. The 56-year-old was found naked under a bridge on school property in Spring Hill. His mambo partner was a child-like doll that had, er, holes cut into it for what purpose, we can only imagine. The erectiled educator confessed to hormone-charged
hijinks with the doll but, it was, uh... because... he has...uh...attention. Deficit. Disorder. So that means he can't control himself sexually.
The nimrod told a local TV station: "I happened to be there, but I didn't know it was school property. I wouldn't be there if I knew it was school property."
He teaches private music lessons from home and says his sexual predilections do not involve children. You know, live and let live.
"[Police] came here and looked [through my home]. There was nothing here. There was no child porn. I have two kids myself," he told the station.

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