Saturday, September 3, 2011


PARTY MOM Casey Anthony will not appear in court in the case of a woman who claims she ruined her reputation.
Instead, she will now have to give videotaped testimony in case brought by a woman named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
Back in 2008 Anthony told cops that a nanny with the same name had taken her two-year-old daughter Caylee - a claim which was later revealed to be completely false.
And now Fernandez-Gonzalez is claiming her reputation was ruined as a result.   
Anthony who was recently acquitted of killing Caylee and released from jail in July, is now serving probation on an unrelated charge at an undisclosed location in Florida.
Her whereabouts have been kept secret due to the fact that she has been receiving death threats, after being voted America's most hated woman.

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