Wednesday, September 14, 2011


THEY might have a substitute teacher for some after this kindergarten teacher was busted setting a very bad example to her young students.
Dorothy Christine Ramirez, a 25-year veteran at Easterby Elementary School in Fresno, CA, was caught with methamphetamine and a knife on school grounds.
Se was driving with Joseph Frago, 28, when Sheriff deputies pulled them over and according to the Fresno Bee they found a black sunglasses case next to Ramirez's purse.
She allegedly told them it belonged to her, but when they opened it two grams of methamphetamine were found in it.
The criminal complaint does not give details about the knife charge, but the complaint charges Frago with eight felonies, including possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and oxycodone; possession of a dirk or dagger; and bringing a knife on a school campus.
Ramirez who is free on $30,500 bail denied knowing methamphetamine was in the sunglasses case and has no knowledge about bringing a knife on campus her attorney Charles Magill told the paper.
He said: "These charges seem far-fetched to me."
He added that Ramirez and Frago are acquaintances with no romantic ties and that his client was trying to help him find a job by loaning him her car while she worked at school.
He said: "If Frago possessed a knife when he drove her car to Easterby to pick her up, then it would be unfair to charge her with bringing a knife to campus."
Frago has also denied the charges.

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