Wednesday, September 14, 2011


THE DEATH machine in Texas is ready to roll and got it's first taste last night. The Lone Star State is slated to execute four killers over the next two weeks. At 6:22 p.m. last night, Steven Michael Woods Jr., pictured left,  took the journey to oblivion and lashing out: "You're not about to witness an execution. You are about to witness a murder." He maintained his innocence til the end in the brutal slayings of Ronald Whitehead, 21, and Bethena Brosz, 19, in 2001. Co-defendant
Marcus Rhodes was sentenced to life in prison. Woods fingered Rhodes as the real killer.

Next up, Duane Edward Buck, pictured right. Victim Phyllis Taylor saw to that. Taylor was one of three people shot by Buck in 1995. Debra Gardner and Kenneth Butler were killed when Buck returned to Gardner's home with two rifles and opened fire on his victims. According to Texas officials, Buck shot Gardner in front of her daughter, who begged for her mother's life. TEXAS REVING UP ITS DEATH APPARATUS

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