Wednesday, September 7, 2011


THE WHACKED out junkie accused of cold heartedly executing four people on Father's Day will plead guilty tomorrow according to reports.
David Laffer is accused of lining up his victims in a Long Island pharmacy and planting bullet ino the brains of workers Raymond Ferguson, 45, and Jennifer Mejia, 17,  and customers Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta.
It's thought he wanted the Hydrocodone tablets because he and his wife Melinda Brady were addicted to the super strong painkillers.
Now source has allegedly told the NY Post that he "will plead guilty tomorrow'' before a Long Island judge.
The source declined to provide details of the expected guilty plea, but Laffer, 33, is expected to plead guilty to the first-degree murder and robbery charges against him.

Neither Suffolk DA Tom Spota nor the Laffer’s lawyers could be reached for comment.
As we reported here however, it's thought that his wife, Melinda will plead not guilty to the heinous crime.
She has told prosecutors that she didn't know her husband had a gun when he strolled into Haven Drugs in Medford.
Daniel Taccetta, grieving brother of Father’s Day pharmacy massacre victim Jaime Taccetta, told The Post that he would not endorse any deal that involves lesser charges.
He said: "He’s not going to get any break," Taccetta said. "Nobody’s going to settle for nothing. I just hope he goes away for life. I hope this guy rots in hell."

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