Thursday, September 29, 2011


MICHAEL Jackson's daughter was "balled up on the ground crying" during the "frantic" efforts to revive the lifeless star as he lay dead in his LA mansion, a security guard testified yesterday.
Paris Jackson, who was just 12 at the time, was beside herself, while her 11-year-old brother was was "shocked and slowly crying," the King of Pop's head of security Faheem Muhammad told the court.  
They witnessed the whole horrifying scene, from the doorway of Jackson's bedroom, until he said, until he whisked them away from the room. 
He said: "I realised that his two older children were standing outside of his room in a panicked state. I took them to a more secure location where they couldn't see what was going on."
The bodyguard said that when he entered the bedroom, he saw Murray next to Jackson's body on the floor, with Dr Conrad Murray working frantically to revive him. 
The medic, who was Michael Jackson's personal physician is standing trial for involuntary manslaughter, accused of administering a fatal dose of the super strong anesthetic, propofol, which an autopsy ruled killed him. 
Muhammad added that the doctor looked "nervous" and was "sweating" as he worked on Jackson who's 
"eyes were open and mouth was slightly open'.
He was asked if the star appeard to be dead and Murray replied "yes."
The trial continues. 

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