Saturday, September 24, 2011


THE TWISTED teen who helped to lure Seath Jackson to his brutal death has been found guilty of first degree murder
Charlie Ely went to meet the tragic teen after his ex-girlfriend Amber Wright had texted him telling him she wanted to get back together. 
But when they got back to Ely's home he was set upon by Wright's boyfriend, Michael Bargo, now 19 and three others and beaten with an axe. 
Cops say that Bargo, 19, then shot the 15-year-old eight times, placed his battered body into sleeping bag and burned him to cinders.
Ely's defense team argued that she was held at gunpoint and forced to help dispose of Seath's body, according to the Ocala Star Banner.
But Assistant State Attorney Amy Berndt conclud into ed that Ely was not a small player in the incident, pointing out that she admitted to cops afterwards that she'd known about the plot to kill Jackson.  
She told the court: "Charlie Ely wasn't a scared pawn. The only person that was scared was Seath Jackson. She had multiple opportunities to save Seath."
She added that Ely sent 108 texts and received at least two phone calls in three hours after Seath's death.
Michael Bargo, Wright, Justin Soto, 20, and Kyle Hooper, 17, are all also charged with first-degree murder and acccording to the paper, prosecutors have said that they will seek the death penalty against Bargo, who is alleged to have been the mastermind of the murder plot.

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