Friday, October 7, 2011


ALIAYAH LUNSFORD has been missing two weeks and still there are no answers into the 3-year-old West Virginia girl's disappearance. A massive search has turned up little but investigators now believe she was kidnapped. Local TV station 5 News made an FOI request regarding her mom Lena's 911 call.
911: What's your emergency?
LENA: My baby's missing!
That's how the 911 call started the Saturday morning Lena Lunsford reported her daughter Aliayah missing. She explains the last time she saw the girl.
LENA: This morning, real early, I went in and checked on her because she's been sick with the flu.
911: That was the last time you saw her, was at 6:30 this morning?

LENA: Yes, and then she laid back down and went back to sleep and we went back to bed.
Lena says the doors weren't open and three of her other four kids were also home that morning. When asked if Aliayah's father was there, she says no, then this.
LENA: Her father is a guy named Eric Harris. He doesn't even know that she exists.
After she discovered Aliayah was missing, Lena says she got in her car and started looking for her daughter.
LENA: I've looked everywhere. We've went up all these streets. We went up all these streets. Looking, thinking, maybe she went outside or something and I don't think my mom would have came and got her because she'd have woke me up and stuff.
911: OK, have you called your mother?
LENA: No. I need to do that.
Lena hangs up to call her mother to see if she has the 3-year-old. When she says no, Lena calls 911 for a second time.
LENA: This is Lena Lunsford.
911: OK
LENA: My mom doesn't have her.
911: She doesn't have her? OK.
LENA: She doesn't have her. She's coming now. Oh my God.
911: You don't know of any place she would have went there in the community? Is there a friends house nearby or somebody that she plays with?
LENA: No. Help me find her!
911: OK. I've got an officer on the way.
Lena goes into the physical description of Aliayah.
911: Was there anybody else in the residence with you this morning? Any other adults?
She says three of her other four kids were home at the time. One was at visitation with his father.
911: Did any of them see her this morning? What time did they get up?
LENA: They came in here, umm, I'm not sure. Maybe around 7, 7:30? Came in here, in my room, with me.
The dispatcher asks one final question.
911: Can you look outside and see the officer?
LENA: I'm looking. Oh God. I see one out here.
911: OK. I'm going to go ahead and let you off the line so you can go talk to him.
Lena hangs up.

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