Monday, October 17, 2011


IRIS TYSON was a pretty blonde, 23-year-old Philadelphia woman who was close to her family and friends. But this past Mother's Day, while looking for a gift for her mom she was murdered.
Her grandma Florence Murtha said: "She said I'll be right back. I'm gonna go get a mother's day gift."
But she never came home and after a massive search of her south Philly neighborhood, her body was found in a vacant lot. She had been bludgeoned to death. Her grandma said: "I remember driving around looking for her and thinking 'you're so close, but where?' You need me and I'm not there to help you. And I apologized to her for that. That I wasn't there to help you." But so far, there have been no arrests and cops are not saying if there are even any suspects.
Police have ruled Iris's death a homicide. The family is offering a $3,500 reward. They are hoping someone will come forward with information. Make that anonymous call to 215-546-TIPS. IRIS TYSON MURDER

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  1. its crazy how the news and media is supposed to help you but truth is they only get involved when someone found dead or sot in the head. if the news would of broadcasted that she was missing maybe she would of been found alive cause she wasn't killed until the day before she was found and the person who killed iris tyson will pay for what they did. crazy how people want act like they ain't do sh*t unti they proven guilty stuff need to stop i ment what i said they will pay.