Wednesday, November 23, 2011


THE IDIOT parents who named their kids "Adolf Hitler" and "Aryan Nation" have lost custody of their newborn son. 
Heath and Deborah Campbell were told to hand over their baby Hons immediately after giving birth on Thursday, after a New Jersey judge ruled Monday that he should stay in state care. 
As we reported here the pair were busted last year after a local store refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son Adolf Hitler Campbell, now five, and reported them to authorities.
Adolf, and siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, four, and three-year-old Honszlynn Hinler Campbell - believed to be a reference to Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler - were also taken into care shortly afterwards and remain in foster care.
Authorities maintained it was done because of violence, not their Nazi-inspired names.
Heath was furious at the verdict, telling Mr Fox Philly: "They kidnapped my kid. I've been sleeping with his little blanket from the hospital.
"They look at you because of what you wear. So what? I'm German. Who cares? Is that right to judge someone?"
Last month, the parents were found not guilty of child abuse but they have yet to receive their children from protective custody.
The pair said they gave their children their names simply because they liked them and they were unique, not equating to child abuse.
They Philipsburg, NJ couple get to see their children for two hours every week and contend that the only reason their children were removed was due to their children's names.
But court records last year stated that both of the children's parents had been victims themselves of childhood abuse and while unemployed, were suffering from unspecified physical and psychological disabilities.

Court records also show that Adolf, five, frequently threatened to kill people.

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