Tuesday, November 1, 2011


THERE are a number of things that are just wrong with this crime, as we reported yesterday.  Firstly the fact he decided to break into a daycare, but most obviously is the fact that he's wearing a pink girl's swimsuit.
And now we have a name: cops picked up Robert 'Odd Bob' Brenneman, 43, for the bizarre crime at the Kidscape Day Care Center in Indianapolis, IN, after tips from the public. After breaking in the weirdo was caught on camera
trying on various girls’ swimsuits, then keeping a small two-piece bikini on as he walks through several rooms of the center.
When he jumped over the front counter he set off a motion detector alarm, then jumped back over the counter, changed back into his own clothes and left the building before employees arrived to check on the alarm.
Center employees told police several items were disturbed, but it didn’t appear that anything was taken.
Cops caught up with him slightly later and after a brief chase, they arrested him. 
He told cops that he owned the bikini, but that didn't stop them charging him with criminal trespass and resisting law enforcement. He was also found to be violating his parole, which will add to charges.
IMPD officials told WISH, Brenneman was an "obviously dangerous" man who needed help.

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