Thursday, November 17, 2011


CHIM-CHIMINEY chim chim cher-oo; I see a couple of years in jail for you.
Meet Ranaldo Jack, who's clearly competing for the title of 'World's Most Ineffective Thief.'   
The 17-year-old was trying to copy Santa by sneaking down the chimney, but instead of giving, he was most definitely planning to take what he could get.
Except he never made it, because he got stuck for more than 10 hours and had to be freed by firefighters, who pulled him out with a rope.
Neighbor Laura Chaparro told the Atlanta Journal Constitution she heard someone yelling for help from her neighbor's chimney.
She said: "We were talking to him, 'What are you doing down there?' He just said, 'Ah, I'm stupid."
Police Cpl. Jake Smith said that after Jack was brought down the rescue ladder, the teen was charged with burglary and giving false information to a police officer.
He allegedly lied about his name to a police officer at the scene.
Apparently the owner had no idea someone was stuck in her chimney until she came home to find TV crews there.
Tsehianesh Kidane said: "Police and everything around the house ... It looks like a tornado touched down.
"Oh my God, that scares me to death," Kidane said. "Why did he figure out (to go) through the chimney?"
Jack was being held without bond Tuesday night in Gwinnett County Detention Center.

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