Friday, November 18, 2011


A PSYCHO killer murdered one and shot another after they responded to a Craigslist ad for a job on an Ohio cattle farm cops say.
Cadaver dogs found one body buried in a shallow grave earlier this week, but astonishingly the second man managed to escape.
He told cops he was walking with the suspects when he heard a gun being cocked behind him.
Turning around, he said he saw a gun being pointed at his his head.
As he ran away, one the shots hit him, but he somehow managed to get away, running two miles, despite being injured.
He told investigators that he hid in the woods for seven hours before seeking help, as he was terrified they might still be looking for him.
Chillingly, cops found a shallow grave had been dug in preparation for his body.
Sheriff Stephen Hannum told WTOV: "We believe the attempted murder of victim number one and the likely murder of victim number two are connected and possibly committed by the same person."
Investigators did not release the names of the suspects on Thursday, but they believe theft is the motive and the crimes are connected.
Hannum added that both victims were encouraged to bring motorcycles and electronic equipment with so the shooters could trick them and steal their belongings.

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